Pink Mayhem - Birthday Bash

Do, 25. Jan 2024

22:00 Uhr

@↥Deck+⛱, ↥Deck Terrace⛱

It’s our co-founder Bea‘s birthday and we’re celebrating the only way we know how to!! 😤

On the 25.01 we are back at FLUCC Deck. We are so so excited to stomp our feet with you again! Don’t forget to hydrate, you’ll need it. Because you already know:

It’s gonna get hard. It’s gonna get loud. It’s gonna get sweaty. 😼

Line Up & Timetable:

22:00: pinklotion
23:20: Beruška
00:30: Joey
01:40: salvatore
02:50: MEL

We’re also so excited to, once again, have Mr. Chaos join us for a live art performance during our sets! <3

Live Art Performance:

Mr. Chaos

See you on the dance floor and don’t forget to congratulate Bea!!