»Venenum« by Hidden Society w/ dj slutbass, Morgenstern, SOKA x Klinac, BERUŠKA, MEL, Tekknish x Shynx

Fr, 16. Feb 2024

23:00 Uhr


Beyond a rave, we are a collective soul quest

getting up
going to work
going to bed, being mad, being sad
but you can change
become one of us
connect with the feeling of the rave
it's time


Dresscode: Pitch Black

In anonymity, we dissolve into rhythm, uniting in a language of dance. We break barriers, uniting all through movement. No judgments. Just synchronized hearts beating as one. Past, present, and future blend. We become eternal in the now. [...]

Line Up & Timetable:

23h: dj slutbass

00h: Morgenstern aka Daniel Morgenstern

01h: SOKA x Klinac


03h: MEL

04h: Tekknish x Shynx aka shinyxdead