Fast+Nice Spontaneous Easter Soli Party for Fast+Pride: Truck with DJs - #1

So, 31. Mär 2024

23:00 Uhr


We need money so we can make a pride truck so you can have a pride truck!
Therefore we’ll have a spontaneous soli Easter soli soli party (with DJs!!)
It’s very soon, so mark your calendars and ask your grandparents if they can hide a few € together with the Easter eggs, bc you would like to donate to a very important cause ( —> truck!)

Yes, it’s a Sunday, but Monday is free bc Jesus

For the cause of realizing our pride truck for this summer, we chose DJs from our dear local collectives who center around queer and BIPoC communities and aim to create safe(r) spaces for them and their whole audience.

Line Up:

[booster club]

peter puenktlich

Vich Mind

DJ Diamond

Video: @ernstaugustgraefe
Music: @balencijugo69