Reverse Club Night w/ A.Way, Manta & Enos

Fr, 31. Mai 2024

22:00 Uhr


REVERSE welcomes the summer season with a fresh club experience, proudly launching at the renowned FLUCC Deck! In the depths of a dystopian world, a group of youth gathers in abandoned halls, crafting a safe sanctuary of pulsating beats and frenetic rhythms of Drum and Bass.
REVERSE has emerged from a shared passion for Drum and Bass, committed to creating a safe space to rave, where our community can engage.

Line Up:


Reverse Residents:
Carotide b2b Comrage

Nam Nam

Introducing A.Way, a rising star on the Slovakian DJ scene, who has recently been making waves with a track release on Modus Music label and whose distinctive style has garnered attention across Europe.

Meet Manta, who is a well known figure in the viennese Drum and Bass scene and has been for years. Renowned internationally as a producer, his tracks on labels like Eatbrain and Hanzom Music have solidified his status as a sought-after artist in the international Drum and Bass community.

Introducing Enos, a member of Vienna's renowned collective The Hive. Set to make waves this year, Enos secures a coveted spot on the lineup of the prestigious Let It Roll festival, promising an unforgettable performance that will resonate far beyond the festival grounds.

Reverse Residents
Get ready for a dynamic journey as Reverse Residents Honey, Izzy, Comrage, Interference, Delusion and Carotide will deliver their signature blend of diverse Drum and Bass. Expect nothing short of a captivating experience that spans the full spectrum of the genre.

Newcomer NamNam
Introducing NamNam, set to make a grand debut at the Reverse Club Night at Flucc Deck. Armed with his hard-hitting sounds, NamNam is set to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression with his performance.

Come join us in the sanctuary of our rave and lose yourself in the mesmerizing rhythms of Drum and Bass <3